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Anal & Vaginal Bleaching

 What is it?

Anal bleaching is a beauty trend in which women “bleach” the skin around their anus and vagina to create a lighter and more even skin tone. If the area has darkened over time - it can definitely be lightened. However, existing dark skin can only be lightened to its natural colour. It can also be used to lighten underarms and the inner thigh. When there is an over production of melanin in a particular area, you are left with the darker colouring than the skin around it. The product works to balance out the melanin in your skin and just as it darkens over time, it will take time to lighten. Some of the common causes for an over production of melanin can be related to pregnancy/child birth, friction to the areas, heavily pigmented food and drink, perfume and feminine washes. 

Is it Safe? 

This treatment is KOJIC ACID and HYDROQUINONE FREE - making it completely safe for every client and any skin type. Using an enzyme based product, it is the most natural & effective way to lighten the skin. We do not advise having the treatment whilst pregnant. Whilst the procedure is safe and non-invasive, pregnant skin is hormonal and can naturally darken so you will potentially not see any results. The skin can also lighten again naturally when it is hormonal and it's not necessarily treatable topically when it is created internally.

What do I need to do?

 All you need to do is ensure the area is clean and hair-free.  Picture the procedure like a facial - with a cleanse, scrub & mask. You receive a take home gel to be used after the treatment to ensure an effective result.

How many treatments do I need?

Results vary greatly between each client. We suggest having the initial appointment and using up your bottle of gel over the next few months. Once finished with the bottle, you can reassess the areas you are lightening and decide if you need any further treatments. Please note that other lightening products previously used on the area can affect the process of your result by slowing it down. Avoid using any artificially fragranced products on the areas including unnatural shower gels, soaps and feminine washes. These all can stain the skin and also effect your overall result. Being a completely natural product, you must understand that it is not a "quick fix" and it does take time.

Price $250 - Includes professional skin lightening treatment on both the vagina and anus + take-home bottle of lightening gel for maintenance.

Please note that a travel charge may apply outside of Penrith & Western Suburbs area. When making a booking please include your location and availability.